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Doc Constantine.

Best BPAL scent ever.

Thought my fellow BPALers should know. XD

The only sad bit? Brian Constantine probably cannot smell how awesome his character's oil is, being as he's a chain smoker. My guess is he runs the businessy things while Beth crafts all the product formulas.

In short, I think I've found my signature scent.
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After sampling a variety of the famixes that were out there and seeing a number of repeated "popular" artists whose styles or lyrics I didn't think particularly fit, I decided to try my own hand. While some artists contributed quite a number of songs to the collection, this is because I limited the sound of the fanmix to music that one might associate with a dark and creepy circus, cabaret, or vaudeville show; I thought this style was more conducive to dear Mr. J's personality. I was also very particular about the lyrics on the songs that contain them.

I hope you enjoy the mix as much as I did putting it together.

The Rar of the CD

Track List and Lyrics Clips Beneath the Cut )

Artwork by local artist Andy Van Schyndle
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