Nov. 29th, 2008 11:08 am
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Normal people dream normal things.

I seem to constantly dream the abnormal, at least in relation to what most other do. So I dreamt of the evils of the Target Corporation that I experienced over several years, finally multiplying on itself and causing an employee to go postal in a store. Sadly, the end result wasn't traced back to the source of employee's distress and no changes were made - it was blamed on inherent psychosis and the business practices continued as usual.

Second round of dreaming involved a huge worldwide apocalypse, and trying to survive it.

Sometimes it's nice because it gives me interesting ideas to write about or roleplay. Today, however, is one of those times where instead of feeling rested, I feel more exhausted, depressed, and pessimistic than usual.

Makes it even funnier than I now have to venture into the nearby Target to restock some essentials I need. I suppose on the positive side, I'm one of those rare people now who is actually thoughtful to and sympathetic of salesclerks. Having been through that hell, I try to bright a little light to their day, or at least be one less crabby jerk they have to deal with.

I honestly think every adult, working person should be forced to spend at least 6 months working retail - preferably the worst retail position available. I think less people would thoughtlessly treat each other like shit if they'd been through that crucible themselves.
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